Protective Covers for Exercise BallsU.S. Patent 8,272,980

Protective Covers for Exercise Balls
(a.k.a. physioballs, Swiss balls)

BallJacket protective covers for exercise balls

For Use Indoors or Outdoors!

BallJackets are tight-fitting, heavy-duty covers for standard exercise balls. They're made from the same tough fabric (1000 Denier urethane-coated nylon) that's used on the most expensive backpacks and toughest military gear. BallJackets make your exercise balls so cut- and abrasion-resitant that they can be used right on the practice field.
yellow 100 denier nylon black 1000 denier nylon
Abrasion-Resistent 1000 Denier Nylon

For All Standard Size Exercise Balls

BallJackets are designed to fit the three most commonly available ball sizes:

Size 53: For exercise balls 53-55cm in diameter
Size 65: For exercise balls 65cm in diameter
Size 75: For exercise balls 75cm in diameter

Each BallJacket has a Velcro-sealed opening that's just big enough to insert a deflated exercise ball. After inserting the ball, you inflate it as you normally would, then close the Velcro flap. The BallJacket will fit the ball like a finely-tailored glove, and protect it like a coat of armor.
balljacket inflation 1 balljacket inflation 2 balljacket inflation 3 balljacket inflation 4
The surface of the BallJacket resists most stains, and won't support the growth of mold or mildew. Dirt can be hosed off or removed with a wet cloth. For more complete cleaning, throw your BallJackets in the washing machine (after deflating and removing the exercise ball).

Make Exercise Balls Firmer and More Durable

Firmer exercise balls are preferred by most fitness professionals, because they roll more easily when loaded -- e.g. when you're lying on them, doing dumbbell presses. This freedom of motion makes ball exercises much more challenging and productive. BallJackets not only protect your exercise balls, but also make them considerably firmer. BallJackets turn even the softest, squishiest, low-cost exercise balls into something you'll be proud to use.
balljacket exercise

Make Exercise Balls More Beautiful

Don't be stuck with the ugly-colored exercise ball that you bought at the local fitness store. Cover it with a BallJacket. Tired of looking at the collection of mismatched exercise balls in your gym or clinic? Cover them with BallJackets! With 196 different color combinations, you can get exactly the look you want.
balljacket colors

Perfect for Ball Chairs

The BallJacket's surface has a texture and feel similar to upholstery material. This makes it perfect for covering the balls used in ball chairs. It eliminates the ball's slick, squeaky feel, and gives you the chance to pick colors that blend better with your office decor.
balljacket ballchair

Tough Enough for Dogs and Horses

BallJackets are even durable enough to handle contact with the nails, hooves, and teeth of many animals. If you have big dogs, you already know how hard they can be on toys. They can destroy a basketball, beach ball, or a regular exercise ball in just a few minutes. But they won't hurt a BallJacket-protected ball. It's too big for them to get their teeth into, and their nails won't penetrate the surface.
balljacket dog 1 balljacket dog 2 balljacket dog 3
VIDEO: Watch us Rottweiler-test the BallJacket!

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